How Red Cross Donations Assist Less Fortune

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It’s that time of the year again! Summer is a time of joyful festivities for everyone, many of us traveling with our family and friends to enjoy three months of relaxation. However, summer also brings something more important than having fun—narratives of the less fortunate. Many citizens rely on charity organizations to last them through the upcoming sweltering months. Many families in need are overlooked to splurge during these summer months, but that’s not all the summertime should bring. If you or a friend are truly feeling in the generous spirit of summer, helping families in need and military families through the gift of giving is present worth cherishing forever. According to statistics, the average American purchases nearly 10 pounds of clothes each year in the U.S, most of these clothes end up never or hardly being worn because the ratio of outfits to a person nearly doubles what they might wear during an average lifetime. Many charity organizations, like American red cross

Five Reasons You Should Consider Donating To The Red Cross

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For 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, the American Red Cross provides relief for communities by providing shelter, food, water and blankets among many essentials to individuals and families in need of a helping hand. The American National Red Cross is the 13th largest charity in the United States as ranked by private donations. It received $687 million in 2014 in private donations.

Seventy percent of Americans donate to charity and about three percent of income is donated. From canned goods and pints of blood to used clothing donations and bedding, the Red Cross takes all sorts of donations. The need for donations is constant and there are many benefits to donating:

  • It goes to good causes: The Red Cross says 91 cents of every dollar it spends is invested in humanitarian services and programs.
  • Making use of old clothes

Five Ways to Help the American Red Cross this Holiday Season

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Red cross donations

In a just a couple of days, it will be time to unwrap the presents, serve the holiday meal, and celebrate the holidays. After all of the gifts have been unwrapped, they will be placed into a pile to be put away later. Usually the day after Christmas, the presents are organized into their new storage place. You might have to shove them in closets or toy boxes in order to make them fit. Instead of finding additional space for the unopened gifts, make this process easier by arranging a Red Cross clothing pickup.

Go through your closets now
Most people get at least some new clothing items for Christmas. Before you have to find additional closet space for these items, go through your closet ahead of time. Place the used clothing donations into a bag and put them aside for your

Do You Have Used Clothing Donations That You Are Ready to Give Away?

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Donate clothing

In a time when the hurricane victims in Puerto Rico are still suffering, it is important to know that American Red Cross clothing donations are increasingly important. As your family prepares for the holiday season, it is important to make sure that you take time to look through your closets and drawers to see if there are clothes and household items that you are no longer using. Finding items that you can contribute to American Red Cross clothing donations can help you make a difference not only in the continental United States, but also in

The Benefits to Donating Clothes to The American Red Cross

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Donate clothing

In today’s world, a number of individuals tend to have access to a plethora of material items. One of the items which individuals tend to often own in excess is clothing. That said, a number of people don’t realize the resources available to them, in the event, they want to donate clothes. One of the leading organization, to whom clothes can be donated to help others in need, is the American Red Cross. If you are an individual who has clothes you would like to get rid of, keep reading for some helpful tips to determine how you can donate clothes to Red Cross organizations.

What you need to know to donate Clothes to Red Cross Organizations

    1. Turn your waste, into donations!

    As hard as it may be to believe, a study by the EPA revealed that Americans throw out approx