Are You Looking for a Way to Redecorate Your Home This Year?

Written by Nick on . Posted in Dressers, Rugs, Sets for living rooms

This empty nest thing is a challenge.
You knew that when your second daughter left for college that life at your house would be pretty different. You did not realize, however, how long some of the days would be. After years of following your older daughter to club and then college gymnastics meets and going to all of your younger daughter’s high school cross country and show choir competitions, the nights and weekends now are very long. During the day you are taking more substitute teaching jobs and filling the days you do not sub with lunches with friends. When you and your husband are at home in the evening, however, you find yourself checking the clock wondering when it is late enough to go to bed.
Fortunately, you recently found a way to fill some of your time: you are redecorating the house. What started as a single purchase of a mission dresser for your maser bedroom has now turned into a whole house project. The mission bedroom furniture is especially appealing to you be