Learn More About Living in a Senior Memory Care Community

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Many older Americans may be able to live independently and remain in their own homes. Nearly 70% of 65-year-old adults, however, will need to receive long-term care at some point in their lives. There are a variety of health issues that may necessitate long-term care. This includes Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

A Brief Overview of Dementia Diagnoses Within the United States

When considering the total number of individuals diagnosed with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease comprises roughly 80% of these cases. Currently, there are over five million individuals living within the United States that have been diagnosed with this prevalent form of dementia. While most of these individuals are older than 65, early-onset Alzheimer’s is not unusual. Approximately 200,000 Americans less than 65 years of age have been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

A Brief Introduction to Assisted Living Facilities

It’s important to note that there are sp

Hampton Lake Low Country Living At Its Very Finest

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Bluffton south carolina real estate

We all want to live in a nice house in a safe neighborhood. And “America’s Best Community And Club” offers its residents both of those things and a great deal more.

Hampton Lake, in beautiful Bluffton, South Carolina, sits on 165 acres of water that’s perfect for fishing and boating, with plenty of other great amenities for the entire family you might expect to find at a resort. It’s home to a cross-section of people, from local executives to retirees to families from the Northeast and Midwest who just wanted to live in warmer weather.

Like many areas of the South, Hampton Lake is attractive to older citizens who want to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle in a less harsh climate. Retirees who engage in three or four activities on a regular basis are much happier than those who are