How to Donate Old Clothing to the American Red Cross

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Every year, 70% of the people living within the United States make some type of charitable donation. In many instances, this may consist of donating items for resale at charitable second-hand stores. Other individuals may donate their time and expertise to various organizations as well. Monetary donations are also made to a variety of charities, and “giving back to the community” has been a significant motivation for 63% of high net worth donors. It’s important to note that on an annual basis, non-profit organizations contribute $666.1 billion to the U.S. economy.

Learn More About the American Red Cross

The American National Red Cross operates throughout the year for 24 hours a day. They provide a variety of relief services to families and communities in need. In addition to life-saving blood, this includes blankets, food, and shelter.

Charities are ranked by the level of private donations they receive. In 2014, for example, the American National Red Cross was ranke

Taking A Closer Look At The Importance Of Clothing Donations Here In The United States

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Giving charitably has become more popular than ever before, especially here in the United States. In fact, nearly three quarters of all people (around 70% of them, to be just a little bit more exact) will give to some form of charity over the course of a single year. And many people will even choose – or be able – to give to various charities far more frequently than that. At the current date, it has actually be estimated that nearly 5% of the collective income of people in the United States goes to charities throughout the country – and even to some charities abroad.

However, there are many ways to give to charities if you can’t find the money to spare to make a monetary donation – as is the case for many people all throughout the country. Giving a clothing donation to a Red Cross clothing pick up, for instance, is a great way to give back, as almost everyone will have the extra old clothing to spare for a Red Cross clothing pick up here in the United States. After all, the amoun

Taking A Look At The Importance Of Charitable Donations In The United States

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There are many people in need in this country, and the numbers of the needy grow and grow for each year that passes. From veterans to homeless people, the need for donations in this country is high. Fortunately, many people are more than willing to give back to charity when they can, with nearly three quarters of adults in this country giving back to charity each and every year.

And there are a number of ways to do so. Monetary donations are of course always useful, and can help charitable organizations to reach their funding goals for the year and continue to provide the services that are so essential for so many members of the community. In fact, nearly 5% of the collective income of the residents of the United States is given back to charity each and every year, showing that even the smallest donation can actually make quite the considerable difference.

But not everyone, of course, will be able to give a monetary amount to the charity of their choosing, no matter how much

Five Ways to Help the American Red Cross this Holiday Season

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Red cross donations

In a just a couple of days, it will be time to unwrap the presents, serve the holiday meal, and celebrate the holidays. After all of the gifts have been unwrapped, they will be placed into a pile to be put away later. Usually the day after Christmas, the presents are organized into their new storage place. You might have to shove them in closets or toy boxes in order to make them fit. Instead of finding additional space for the unopened gifts, make this process easier by arranging a Red Cross clothing pickup.

Go through your closets now
Most people get at least some new clothing items for Christmas. Before you have to find additional closet space for these items, go through your closet ahead of time. Place the used clothing donations into a bag and put them aside for your

The Benefits to Donating Clothes to The American Red Cross

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Donate clothing

In today’s world, a number of individuals tend to have access to a plethora of material items. One of the items which individuals tend to often own in excess is clothing. That said, a number of people don’t realize the resources available to them, in the event, they want to donate clothes. One of the leading organization, to whom clothes can be donated to help others in need, is the American Red Cross. If you are an individual who has clothes you would like to get rid of, keep reading for some helpful tips to determine how you can donate clothes to Red Cross organizations.

What you need to know to donate Clothes to Red Cross Organizations

    1. Turn your waste, into donations!

    As hard as it may be to believe, a study by the EPA revealed that Americans throw out approx