Five Reasons Private School Students Are Volunteering More

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Did you know kids attending private schools are 25 to 50% more likely to volunteer than their public school counterparts? That’s extremely commendable, especially given that over the past 15 years young Americans continue to volunteer their time less and less.

Encouraging America’s youth to take part in charitable activities takes time and careful attention. What’s the secret? What do the top rated private schools know that others don’t?

Life-Long Volunteers Start Young!

The best private preschools, elementary schools, and high schools know that volunteering is a habit that is best established at a young age. Young adults do not simply turn 18 and begin devoting free time to charities and volunteer efforts. The Learning Law and Democracy Foundation’s (LLandD) Executive Director Jennifer Bloom likens volunteering to a skill or a sport. In other words, starting young helps normalize these behaviors. Working at them frequently and regularly turns them into a hab