What Are You Doing This Year to Add to the Value of Your Current Home?

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If you are old enough, you might remember the popular 1960s cartoon that featured The Jetson’s, the futuristic family that had all kinds of gizmos and gadgets in their lives. And while it has taken several decades since that catchy Saturday morning cartoon song encouraged us to meet the mom, dad, and kids, our own real homes are now starting to look like that animated space house where the Jetson’s lived.
From technologies that make our lives easier to those that can help save both money and the planet, today’s home owners are can now chose from a wide menu of choices. Many people have already embraced the motion activated video doorbell trend, which allows them to both see and speak to front door visitors, even when home owners are away.
Whether you re looking at indoor, technological improvements or you are considering high quality custom sheds for the backyard, there are plenty of ways that property owners can add to the value of their home. And while it often takes a substa

Three Spring Cleaning Tips for Gazebos

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The arrival of spring brings warmer temperatures, spells of rain, and mad dashes for homeowners to spring clean — inside and out. It’s important to get outdoors as soon as it’s nice enough and start cleaning up the yard, especially if you have outbuildings or wooden structures. Not only does it spruce the yard up in preparation for spring and summer parties, but good care leads to a longer lifetime of your structure. Here are a few spring cleaning tips for custom gazebos to get your yard ready for the season.

1. Do some landscaping.
Part of outdoor spring cleaning is making sure that the lawn and the plants in the yard are well manicured and cleaned up. Adding a bit of landscaping around a gazebo is really going to draw attention to the structure and make it a focal point, as well as add t