How To Prevent Falls In The Elderly

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If not careful, elderly people fall all the time. Once you get older, you start to lose your balance a little. Not to mention all of the medication you are on by that time might just make you a little light headed. Your bones start to get brittle too and if you are not careful when older, you could fall and break something. This is why it is important for elderly people to be careful. It is also important for those who care for the elderly to also make sure nothing happens to them. It is especially important for caregivers to take whatever precaution they can to ensure that their elderly patients do not fall and break any bones when left alone. Here is more information on how to prevent falls in the elderly.

Make Sure They Can Easily Get Around

When you are a caregiver of an elderly person, you need to make sure the elderly person can easily and carefully get around, especially when you are not around at the moment if they need something. To do this, make sure t

Do You Need A Cane To Improve Your Mobility? Make Sure You Choose The Right One

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Carbon fiber cane

Mobility is defined by your ability to move through daily life unimpeded. When something as simple as walking up a flight of stairs or picking up a heavy box is out of your league…what do you do next?

Today’s America is discussing mobility and age more than ever. It’s estimated over 20% of the population will be over the age of 65 in just a few decades, which is nothing to say of the expanding definition of disability. Folding canes are one in a long line of useful tools that can enhance day-to-day life and make these seemingly impossible hurdles doable again. Canes and walking sticks come in many different shapes and sizes, however, and finding the right one takes a little trial and error. As with