Caring for an Elderly Dementia Patient Today

Written by Nick on . Posted in Long term care facilities, Long term care facilities in near me, Skilled nursing facility st louis

There are many health issues that may arise as a person grows older, and by age 65, many Americans will be dealing with one or more chronic conditions, and they will generally visit the doctor and the hospital more often. For some health issues such as dementia like Alzheimer’s disease, long term care will be needed, and a long term care facility may be needed for a more serious case, or skilled home care if the patient has a milder case. For more serious health issues such as Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, and others, finding a skilled nursing facility will be critical for maintaining the elderly patient’s health. A younger family member may conduct an online search such as “skilled nursing facility near me” to find a long term care facility nearby, such as “skilled nursing facility near me Boston MA” or “skilled nursing facility nea