Knowing When to Visit the Emergency Room

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Every day, countless Americans young and old alike will need professional medical care, and some cases are more extreme than others. So, when someone is hurt or ill, it is vital that a nearby person can look up local emergency care centers, hospitals, or urgent care centers (also known as walk in clinics). Some urgent care clinics are in fact open 24 hours a day, and if a victim needs help at an odd time of day, a nearby person can look up “24 hour walk in clinics near me” and find the name and address of such a facility. And if the patient is in more dire condition, mere convenient care cannot help them; it is time for 24 hour emergency care. But what are reasons to go to the emergency room? This is important to know, since urgent care can’t handle major medical cases and an emergency clinic is too expensive for minor wounds. Keeping emergency and urgent care distinct is important.

Reasons to Go to the Emergency Room

What are some typical reasons to go to the emergency r

Don’t Wait for Urgent Care

Written by Nick on . Posted in Headache, Urgent care and clinics, When to seek emergency care

Urgent care centers across the country are given a less than stellar reputation compared to emergency facilities such as hospitals. However, they really have no reason to be treated this way when all they strive to do is treat you. With over 7,000 urgent care locations reported across the United States since 2016, it’s time to cut them a little slack.

While it is true that there is no comparison between the urgent care and emergency room facilities, you usually have to have a serious reason to go to the hospital. In fact, it is estimated in a recent study that somewhere between 45 and 65% of all ER episodes could have been treated at a 24 hour urgent care location, saving you both time and money. In addition, more than 70% of ER visits are for non-emergency or preventable conditions. This means that ma