Are You Happy with the Cleaning Service You Currently Use?

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The phone call caught you off guard, but when your cleaning lady called to tell you that she had an emergency surgery and would need to take the next month off. At first, it did seem like a big thing. The cleaning services came to your house once every two weeks and you were accustomed to picking up before their arrival. The two week schedule was just right. Few areas of the home, with the exception of the kitchen, required much work on your part during those 14 days between cleaning. When you went a month without the custom cleaning purpose you really noticed a difference.
Your regular cleaning lady is healthy again now and you are glad that you did not find someone else, but the one month break allowed everyone in the family to realize how much you rely on the twice a month cleaning visits.
House Cleaning Services Provide a Way to Protect the Home Where You Live
Hiring a maid service can hel

Tips on Finding the Perfect Maid Service

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Maid service

When was the last time you took a day to fully clean your home, rather than just quickly wiping things down? Many people don’t have the time or patience to clean their entire home on a regular basis, even though 87% of women believe that the cleanliness of a home is a reflection of its inhabitants.

By hiring local house cleaners, a family that is already cleaning daily can gain back 730 hours or 30 days every year. Finding a maid service that is a good fit not only for the service you want but also fits your budget can be difficult but not impossible. There are so many different types of services and companies, there will be something for anyone, with any budget. Read on for a few tips on finding the perfect maid service!

The first thing to take into accounts are the maid services you need. Are you lo