Would You Rather Spend $100 Or $300? Choosing Between Urgent Care Clinics And The Emergency Room

Written by Nick on . Posted in Chest pain stomach pain, Pediatric after hours, Stomach pain


Urgent care is the medical care of the future. Here’s why.

Too many Americans struggle with medical bills today. Even worse? Some of these can be better avoided by choosing different forms of healthcare. While some situations absolutely merit a trip to the emergency room, others are better off being taken to an urgent care facility. Minor to moderate injuries or illnesses will be seen after a short wait time, offered superior care and leave you feeling better both physically and financially. Let’s explore why your medical clinic should be supporting, rather than inhibiting, your new year.

The state of American healthcare in flux. It’s important for you to sit down and consider all the ways you can support your health as well as your family’s over the coming months. While planning