How HRT Helps Women Going Through Menopause

Written by Nick on . Posted in Bioidentical hormone therapy, Menopause solutions indianapolis

As women age, most of them wonder when menopause will occur. This condition affects all women at some point during their lives. Common symptoms of menopause include increased soreness, a lower sex drive, and frequent sweating. Therefore, it’s wise for many women to consider hormone replacement therapy or HRT to seek relief from this condition. In this post, you’ll learn about HRT and how it helps to treat menopausal symptoms.

Learning When to Expect Menopausal Symptoms

It’s understandable to wonder when you will be affected by menopause. Research shows that the mean age for a woman to develop menopause is 51. However, it’s not uncommon for women to begin dealing with the effects of menopause in their 30s and up to their 60s. The vast majority of women begin experiencing this condition between the ages of 40 to 58. Certain conditions often cause menopause to begin earlier than normal. In fact, two studies from 2003 both found that depression and financial hardship can caus