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Knowing When to Get Emergency or Urgent Care

Written by Nick on . Posted in Breathing difficulties, Comprehensive specialized pediatric care, Treats injury and illness

The modern American healthcare industry is a truly vast one, but it encompasses more than just hospitals and emergency rooms. While emergency care is quite important, patients may also be taken to convenient care centers or walk in clinics, or they may visit a pain clinic or even a detox center. Children may be taken to pediatric care centers for everyday bumps and scrapes, and some such clinics may be open 24 hours a day. When a victim needs medical attention, a nearby adult may assess “is it an emergency?” and determine where to take that patient. When it comes to “is it an emergency?”, the adult may check if the patient has trouble breathing or heavy bleeding, for example. The adult may then look online with a PC or smartphone to find a 24 hour emergency care center if needed, or an urgent care clinic. In fact, some clinics are a hybrid model, offering both emergency and urgent care at the same time. On a PC, the seeker may find the hours of operation, name, and address of local car