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What Does Your Generation Look For In A New Home?

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It’s no secret that different generations have different behavioral patterns, and that shows just as much in buying a home as it does anywhere else. The real estate market can be incredibly different for different generations. When looking at a home for sale, different ages will look for different factors that could influence their decision to buy. Here’s a bit more information on what different generations look for, so you can work with your real estate agents to develop a plan on what factors to highlight when selling your house to different generations.

The G.I. Generation, Silent Generation, and Baby Boomers

Older generations interact with the real estate market in a far different manner than younger generations. They are less likely to look online for homes, despite the ongoing shift towards digitizing the real estate experience. Additionally, they’re more likely to rely on a real estate agent’s opinion when looking for homes, as it’s less likely they’ve researched online.

Older generations are more likely to value accessibility, as mobility will become more challenging as they age. In order to appeal to this generation, make sure your home is easily accessible, even by those who struggle with mobility. Additionally, be sure to emphasize nearby amenities; having all your needs close by is important when mobility is a factor.

Gen X, Millenials, and Gen Z

These younger generations aren’t always quite as young as people think; the oldest Millenials are currently in their thirties. Despite these generations being at the age where they’re more likely to be part of a growing family, these generations are looking at smaller homes; at 23%, millennials are the most likely to look at townhouses.

Additionally, these generations are far more likely to search for homes online before consulting real estate agents. Because they’re more familiar with technology and are better able to use it for research, they typically will show up to open houses and showings with a better idea in mind already of what the home will look like.

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Aging Comfortably, Aging Well The Growing Preference For Home Care Services

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The function of home care is somewhat warped in today’s society.

With false stereotypes pushed forth in mainstream media and a constant conversation about the benefits of aging in place, the golden years remain in a frustrating limbo of misinformation. When you find yourself with a family member getting on in their years, it’s understandable to feel a little lost at sea. Do you try to do what everyone else is doing or look up at-home caregivers? The list below may not be comprehensive — not when everyone’s story is different — but it’s a good place to start for the uninitiated.

From activities for seniors to dementia care, extended home care is a great resource you might find yourself using.

America’s Rapidly Aging Population

The United States has a lot of catching up to do. In just a few decades over 20% of the population will be over the age of 65, making extended home care an essential resource. While some choose to utilize assisted l

3 Reasons to Hire a Dependable Maid Service

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If you’re living in a dirty home, you’re certainly not alone. Many homes throughout the United States have dirty carpets, walls, and other areas. In fact, statistics show that 22% of Americans feel their carpets are even dirtier than their toilet seats. While your home might not be this dirty, it’s still important to realize how beneficial it is to hire a maid. Considering that, here are three important advantages of hiring a maid service.

  • Saving Large Amounts of Time

    Many households compile cleaning lists with each member of the house taking care of certain tasks. While this is an efficient way to clean your home, it’s still going to take a lot of time. in fact, statistics show that the average family gains back 730 hours each year by hiring house cleaning services. Not having to worry about cleaning lists and duties allows families to spend more quality time together.
  • Experienced Professionals Cleaning Your Home


How To Prevent Falls In The Elderly

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If not careful, elderly people fall all the time. Once you get older, you start to lose your balance a little. Not to mention all of the medication you are on by that time might just make you a little light headed. Your bones start to get brittle too and if you are not careful when older, you could fall and break something. This is why it is important for elderly people to be careful. It is also important for those who care for the elderly to also make sure nothing happens to them. It is especially important for caregivers to take whatever precaution they can to ensure that their elderly patients do not fall and break any bones when left alone. Here is more information on how to prevent falls in the elderly.

Make Sure They Can Easily Get Around

When you are a caregiver of an elderly person, you need to make sure the elderly person can easily and carefully get around, especially when you are not around at the moment if they need something. To do this, make sure t

Are You Looking for an Affordable Way to Update Your Living Space?

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Making a sterile space like a college dorm room look like your own can be a challenge, but with the help of affordable tub chair slipcovers and other options some college students find themselves living in comfortable and customized spaces. In fact, some of these spaces look so much like home that the college residents do not make the trip home very often. From the sectional couch covers that can transform a school provided piece of furniture to a unique addition to any space. Taking the time to do your research and find the kind of tub chair slipcover or other option that will help you change the look of the furniture that is provided can help create the most unique kinds of spaces.
Whether you are looking at sleeper sofa slipcovers for your home or affordable seat cover options for a dorm space, there are a growing number of options. Orderi

Are You Making Wedding Plans for Your Big Event?

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In the Montessori classrooms of your youth you remember learning that life is about the process. From the math lessons about units, tens, hundreds, and thousands to the blue and red sensory rods, you learned at the youngest age that it is important to enjoy the process of every educational opportunity. Perhaps it is this beginning that has you so interested in the planning of your wedding. While your mother is sometimes stressed about the meetings to visit ballroom wedding venues, you never tire of looking at the possibilities. With a generous budget from your parents, it does not seem to be the price of the venues that bothers your mother, but the process of looking at another location. She is excited about the dresses and the menus, the guest lists and the seating charts, but she is weary of looking at another ballroom wedding venue.
You, on the other hand, are still excited about every single process of planning your once in a lifetime event.
Unique Wedding Venues Continu

Five Interior Design Tips To Transform Your Home

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Studies show that the most popular definitions of a happy home are a space where you feel secure (69 percent), a place for relaxation (64 percent) and a space where you can be free to be yourself (57 percent). When it comes to making a home feel like a home and feel comfortable, interior design is a big reason why.

The interior design industry generates $10 billion annually as homeowners buy living room furniture, do remodeling projects or redecorate to spruce things up in a home. This is especially true of new homeowners. In a 2014 survey, millennial homeowners were just as likely to renovate their homes as other age groups and were driven by a desire to make a newly purchased home their own.

Whether you’re redecorating, renovating or redesigning, here are five tried and true tips to think about when doing interior design in your home.

  • Add color: Adding color to a room, whether by adding a new coat of paint or going with a unified color scheme can re

Why Bean Bag Chairs Will Never Really Go Out of Style

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Comfortable seating can make a huge difference in a home. Stiff, uncomfortable furniture might look nice, but it’s not going to emphasize relaxation, which you certainly want in parts of your home. Hard-backed chairs might be fine in the dining room, for example, but if you’re hanging out in the living room or game room, you want to be able to sprawl out and relax. Bean bag chairs — especially huge bean bags or oversized ones — are a fun seating option, especially for kids. They’re a perfect option for a game room, kids’ room, or living room as additional seating. They tend to be less expensive than most chairs and can add a pop of color or different kind of texture to a room as well. And you can bet that every kid who comes into your house will beeline for the bean bag!

Why Bean Bags are Perfect for Video Gamers
Over 150 million people in the United States regularly play video games and four out of five households have a video game console in the house.

4 Home Renovations You Can Do Yourself!

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One of the joys of becoming a homeowner is finding out all the little things that go wrong in and around your house over the years. Sometimes, things break and need to be replaced. Other times, the house just needs a little bit of a style change. Home improvements are always best when they can be done by the homeowner rather than a third party company that’ll charge an arm and a leg. We’ve compiled a short list of ideas that you might want to take on as your next home renovation project!

1. New Lighting Fixtures

One thing that all homes, big and small, have is lighting. Over time, light fixtures go out of style, light bulbs burn out and sometimes you just feel ready for a change. Whether you decide to outfit the entire house with wrought iron lighting fixtures or just decide to switch out the lights to something more energy efficient, you’ve definitely got options. Wrought iron lighting can be a fantas

The Benefits of Amish Sheds

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You may have heard people speak of the longevity and quality of Amish furniture, but have you considered extending those benefits to fixtures on the outside of your home? If you’re in the market for an outdoor shed, you should consider the benefits an amish built shed.

Amish buildings are constructed with the same astounding quality as their furniture. The care and time dedicated to each piece is something you can’t find with store bought, mass produced sheds. Amish sheds are made to be durable, and withstand the elements better than even the most well manufactured plastic alternatives. This means that even your heaviest tools and machinery can be stored within safely, without the need to worry about them being damaged by the elements, or them doing damage to your shed.

Why Amish Sheds?

One of the first reasons to consider when thinking of purchasing an Amish shed, is the hard work, care, and dedication that is put into each building. That is simply something that