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Finding the Right Price Can Help You Afford More of What Your Kids Want

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Your 17 year old daughter has a real knack for shopping. And while that might not seem like anything unusual, you are pretty certain that your daughter has taken her skills to a new level!
Just as the summer is starting, your youngest daughter announced that she was going to run cross country this year. Both you and your husband were thrilled that this, her senior year, would include an athletic activity to go along with all of her high school music endeavors would be a very good thing. In fact, what parent would argue with a teenager who was willing to meet at the school at 7:00 am everyday to go run three to seven miles?
After the first day of practice, however, your daughter announced that her first generation fitness tracker combination digital watch was significantly off. While she thought that her practice runs had been the actual race requirement of 3.1 miles, it turns out that the newer watches with their own GPS tracking systems that the other girls were wearing showed