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Prone to Falling or Dizzy When Standing? All the Reasons It Might be Time for a Cane

Written by Nick on . Posted in Canes for sale, Canes for stability, Walking stick

Sometimes it can be hard to admit that you need help. However, if you’re an older adult with trouble standing or decreased mobility, then you need help. It’s true that some are more prone to needing canes, with those suffering from osteoarthritis making up more than 20% of cane users because of limited mobility. However, almost 7 million Americans use assisting devices like walking canes to help improve mobility as a whole.

One of the most common reasons older people are asked to get a cane is to prevent falling and increase their mobility. While it is true that not every older person in the United States needs a walking cane, it’s also true that falls are a serious problem among that age group. Below are some fast facts about falling.

  • Over 50% of the falls among older adults take place at home.
  • And older adult is treated for a fall in the emergency room every 11 seconds. And every year, over two