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Five Creative Ways to Use Storage Cubes

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Storage furniture online

Short on space? Want a modern look that’s efficient and cost-effect? Here are five awesome ways to use craft cubes as storage to free up space and provide you with flexibility for all your storage needs.

Use Modular Cube Storage In Place of Standard Furniture

A 6 cube organizer makes a better nightstand than half the nightstands going. It’s lighter in weight, provides plenty of storage, and is easy to move.

Combine some stackable furniture cubes and you can create bookcases in just the right size and shape to fit your room and storage needs. Choose simple white cube organizers or another classic solid color and you can add to the bookcase endlessly as you need.

Use Modular Cu

Five Ways to Help the American Red Cross this Holiday Season

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Red cross donations

In a just a couple of days, it will be time to unwrap the presents, serve the holiday meal, and celebrate the holidays. After all of the gifts have been unwrapped, they will be placed into a pile to be put away later. Usually the day after Christmas, the presents are organized into their new storage place. You might have to shove them in closets or toy boxes in order to make them fit. Instead of finding additional space for the unopened gifts, make this process easier by arranging a Red Cross clothing pickup.

Go through your closets now
Most people get at least some new clothing items for Christmas. Before you have to find additional closet space for these items, go through your closet ahead of time. Place the used clothing donations into a bag and put them aside for your

How to Teach Your Child the Joy of Giving

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Donate clothes

Charity is a really beautiful and selfless act, and some of us grew up seeing it in our homes, which inspired us to want to grow up and continue diving as adults. Some of us saw our teachers give, or where a part of food donation drives and toy drives during our school-aged years. Exposing children to the beauty and joy of giving can really help shape the way they understand helping others, and set them up for a life filled with philanthropy.

If you’re trying to help your child understand the beauty of giving, consider the following tips.

1. Let your child help with going through closets

When deciding to give away old clothes, have your child go through your closet with you and stuff bags filled with items. They can even go through their own drawers or closet space and decide which items they w

Finding the Best Home to Buy Is Often Easier If You Work with the Right Realtor

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Houses for sale

When the temperature is an amazing 50 degrees in the midwest on the third weekend in December you have a number of options. In fact, your husband surprised you with an option that you would have never imagined the last full weekend before Christmas! He asked if you wanted to go look at three different homes for sale in the neighborhood.
On a rare weekend when there were no more leaves to rake up and not yet any snow to shovel your husband seemed to be full of energy. And while he has been known to go look at interesting items in the real estate listings in the spring and summer, he has never made the suggestion in the middle of December.
As a result, you have your wish list in your purse, your idea page on your phone and the two of you are spending a Saturday afternoon out looking for Continue Reading

A Guide to Understanding MLS Listings

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Houses for sale wichita ks

Every single year a good portion of Americans will make what could be one of the biggest decisions of their lives. This decision involves finding a place of residence that they plan to live at for a few years. For some people who are younger, this is their first time living on their own. However, for other people, this is not the first time they have been out searching for real estate property on the home market.

For someone that is a novice, the world of real estate can be difficult and the process of selling a house is never simple. This is why plenty of people will decide to enlist the help of a real estate agent when trying to understand real estate listings and MLS listings. However, th

Four Outcomes of a Private School Education

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Day school

You might have heard over and over that the best schools are private schools. But, what makes them better? Smaller class sizes and greater attention from the school?s educators are beneficial, but what effect does that have on the students in the long run? While there are many advantages of private schools, these are some of the long lasting benefits your child is likely to experience from a private school education.

Greater social and emotional development
Attending school is about much more than academic success. You also want your child to grow up to be an adult that is emotionally and socially well rounded. You want your child to develop independence, social awareness, decision making skills, and empathy. In addition to these skills were important for developing lasting relati