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Why Is Handmade Artisan Soap Superior To Store-Bought Soap?

Written by Nick on . Posted in Organic handmade soap, Rose scented soap, White tea soap

Soap gifts

Soap is the marriage between art and function. We need soap to rid ourselves of harmful bacteria while working, but we also need soap to feel clean and smell good before we go on a date. Tiny soap cubes are standard additions to any hotel settings, though handmade baby soap can make a great party gift at a baby shower. Soap, truly, is one of those special additions to everyday life that we can easily take for granted. When you start wondering as to the benefits of handmade soap, you’re wondering how you can take this simple pleasure and use it transform your life from the ground up.

Do you want to use soap to smell nice, moisturize or decorate a gift basket? The crash course below will turn you into an overnight soap guru.


How does soap clean you, exactly? This can