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Modern Dating Is A Brand New World

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Safe dating online

In days gone by, dating was complicated. We did it for years and years the same way. Awkward introductions from family members or friends, work colleagues who wanted to mix work with pleasure, chance meetings somewhere, or trips to the local bars or clubs. None of these systems had any rhyme or reason and usually ended poorly if they got off the ground at all. These days, we have the internet, and dating has become a multi-million dollar business.

Over the years, online dating has evolved in many different ways, but many people have questions, especially if they are first-time users. Are dating sites safe? That is the number one question that people who hesitate to use and online dating site. New dating websites have come a long way since the

Big Investors Invest Big in Farmland

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As 2016 set underway, farmland continued to be a hot investment for those with deep pockets. From the pension behemoth TIAA-CREF, which raised around $3 million for its farmland investments in 2015, to the wealthy individual and foreign investors who are snatching up farms for sale across the nation, the push towards “real” assets continues to go strong.

The Wall Street Journal called farmland “gold with coupon.” Not only do you get the counter cyclical pricing gold offers to most stocks and bonds – – a real benefit in down markets – – but also income from rents paid by the farmers. The major appeal of investing in Continue Reading

Why You Should Invest in Ranch Properties

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South dakota ranch for sale

Owning a ranch comes with its own romantic appeal. There are large open spaces, a chance to connect with nature, and a you get to be your own boss. There are a variety of ranch properties on the market that can provide a large return of investment (ROI). A luxury guest ranch or working cattle ranches are just two popular options on the market. Each one has its own appeal.

Luxury Guest Ranches
More Americans are looking to guest ranches for vacation destinations. Some of the reasons include trail availability, sports activities, barbeques, and getting away from the city life.

By using the ranch as your home and renting out rooms to guests, the ROI can be great. Basic guest ranch accommodations can start at $700 per week, Continue Reading

How Donating Clothing can Help Save the World

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Donations for military families

It is 2016 and it seems like we are a few bad choices away from being the exact world from Idiocracy. Specifically the scene in that film where you find their solution to their waste solution. Their solution is to stack all of their garbage miles high on top of each other. A giant garbage mountain isn’t exactly what we are experiencing yet, but it’s unfortunately seeming more and more possible.

Throwing away things like clothes and textiles that can easily be donated and recycled is destroying the world. We all have to stop throwing out our clothing and begin to donate clothes.

In 2011, about two million tons of clothing were donated to charity in the United States. About two million! Sounds like a huge number, right? Well that was only 10%. The other 90% of clothin

Four Tips for Finding Love Online While Staying Safe

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Sinlges dating site

A few hundred years ago, it was commonplace for a bride and groom to have absolutely no say in their matrimony. The families of the couple determined that their marriage would be advantageous and the groom’s family would essentially buy the bride with money, land, or livestock.

In our day-and-age, the most successful way that singles find love is through online dating sites. According to New York Daily News, approximately one-third of all new relationships begin through online dating sites. If you are single and ready to mingle, using an online dating site for singles to find your significant other is your best bet.

If you are reading this and thinking “Are dating sites safe?”, we applaud you.

Cheap Wedding Reception Halls Can Make for Memorable Events

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Baby shower venues in miami

It is 60 days and counting. Just 67 more days until Saturday, June 15th, 2016.
The young couple, after dating for five, years has finally set the date and in case you forget it, they mailed reminder cards for all of their wedding and reception gifts, as well as updating their social media site.
It should come as no surprise that a couple who has a website to keep their family and friends up to date on their wedding plans would also have had an elaborate proposal. The groom’s approach started with an early morning walk through the tallgrass trail of the Sand Hills known as the Stuhr Prairie.
They couple headed six miles southeast of town ready to see the beautiful land of the Konza Prairie. When they arrived and started walking, the groom told the bride they had to find the most beautifu