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5 Ideas That Will Enhance Party Venues Without Straining Your Pocketbook

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Whether planning a corporate event, company retreat, or a wedding reception finding the perfect party venues can be a tedious task. Not only do you have to pick an event venue that fits your budget but also has the ability to capture your vision and theme as closely as possible. Therein lies the biggest issue. Most party venues are economically friendly but are lackluster in visual appeal or absolutely beautiful to the eye yet too expensive. If you are not event planning on a dime this dilemma does not apply, however, if you are experiencing quite the opposite here are a few tips that will hopefully aide in your choice of party venues.

Tip #1: Become Your Own Party Planner
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You Can Thank the Housing Bubble for the Rise of Luxury Apartments

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In the 1950s, owning your own home became an essential part of the American dream. American families, driven by the Postwar boom and the GI bill moved to the suburbs by the million. Suddenly, what was once a marker of upper class heritage became a middle class signifier. Since then, owning your own home (or at least having a mortgage) has been a point of pride for middle class families all over the country.

But in the 21st century, the times are changing again.

It’s Not Just Millennials, Americans of All Demographics Are Renting Again

In 2015, major media outlets have declared that America is becoming a nation of renters again. While there are recent college grads and working class families who rent cheap apartments out of necessity, the shift towards renting cuts acro

Do You Use Your TV Remote Like The Average Person?

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Not surprisingly, many people give very little thought to how they use their television remote, let alone remote programming. Just the process of turning up the volume without changing the channel is enough to think about. When they think about trying to choose between buying a Samsung remote control and a Magnavox remote control, or opening up one of those hefty remote manuals just to teach themselves enough remote programming to get back to their episode of Game of Thrones, most people’s eyes glaze over in despair.
However, there are a few ways of understanding TV remote controls without having to become a scholar on the subject. For example, if you’ve ever felt stup