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Why You Should Recycle Your Old Clothes, Not Just Throw Them Away

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Charities that pick up clothing donations

The average American gets rid of about 68 pounds of clothes per year. So where does it all go? Unfortunately, most of it will go to a landfill. A 2011 study showed that about 90% of clothes thrown in the trash could have been recycled instead. From military charities to repurposed industrial rags, there are hundreds of places for your old clothes to go and be put to good use! Here is why you should seriously consider recycling your clothes instead of just throwing them out when they don’t fit.

  • It’s much better for the environment. Typically, clothing fabrics make up about 5% of all the trash in landfills. Anything that lowers the amount of landfill waste has got to be good, right? It also would reduce the carbon emissions made while transporting the clot

How to Build Your Dream Home and Keep Your Sanity

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Tampa bay houses for sale

Building your own house is a great way to get a home that perfectly meets all of your needs. If it’s done right, you can build a home that you would never find in the housing market. If it’s done wrong, building your own home can be a expensive mistake that you will live to regret. If you are planning to build, here are four important factors that will get you in the home of your dreams:

Choose a Great Team to Build With

Working with a home builder who knows what he’s doing is the most important decision when building a home! If your home builder is making grand promises and giving you an unrealisticly small budget, it’s a red flag. If yo

Thinking About Buying a Home? Get the Facts on Mortgage Rates

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Home rate mortgage

Are you considering buying a new home? Home mortgage rates continue to trend in a favorable direction for buyers, meaning many are looking to stop renting and put themselves into the home that they have always dreamed of. Home loans interest rates are more affordable than ever. If you or your family is in the home market and considering a mortgage, we have some helpful tips that will prepare you when you begin your search for the best deal.

Prepare in Advance

The key to securing the best mortgage rate possible is to begin preparing to purchase your home well in advance. Cleaning up your credit score in advance will make securing a favorable rate

Tips on Finding the Perfect Maid Service

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Maid service

When was the last time you took a day to fully clean your home, rather than just quickly wiping things down? Many people don’t have the time or patience to clean their entire home on a regular basis, even though 87% of women believe that the cleanliness of a home is a reflection of its inhabitants.

By hiring local house cleaners, a family that is already cleaning daily can gain back 730 hours or 30 days every year. Finding a maid service that is a good fit not only for the service you want but also fits your budget can be difficult but not impossible. There are so many different types of services and companies, there will be something for anyone, with any budget. Read on for a few tips on finding the perfect maid service!

The first thing to take into accounts are the maid services you need. Are you lo

Need Extra Storage? Consider Adding a Garden Shed or Pool House

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Amish barns

Are you thinking about adding a garden shed or pool house to your property? When the weather is mellow, many of us dream of the time after work when we can kick back and relax outside. Depending on the type of property you have, adding a small structure could really change the way you enjoy the time spent in your yard.

1. Garden Sheds. The U.K. has 21 million yards with sheds, and the U.S. is close behind that number. The convenience of outdoor storage is evidently preferred; in one survey, 77% of participants agreed, especially to house older tools.
The appearance of the shed you choose will be a matter of choice. Manufactured sheds have all the materials included

Having Trouble Counting Sheep? Try an Adjustable Bed

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Adjustable mattresses beds

We don’t always get the sleep we need. There are several reasons for this. Improper diet, along with eating too close to bed time, can throw off our bodies and prevent sleep. Lack of exercise is another factor for sleeplessness. When we exercise regularly, our bodies naturally wind down when it’s time for bed. Stress is another big one. We’ve all had those nights where there’s just too much to think about and our minds refuse to shut down.

All of these things can amended with lifestyle changes. With better eating habits, regular exercise, and stress management techniques, getting a good night’s rest is certainly made easier. But with an uncomfortable bed, sleeping through the night still isn’t a guarantee. Traditional mattresses are flat, despite our backs being S-shaped. This results in tossing a

5 Ways to Give Back to Your Community

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Local donation pick ups

Poverty and its effects are a very real issue for many Americans today. In Philadelphia, for example, there are about 440,000 people living under the poverty threshold today, in just one major city! Thankfully, there are many ways that an individual person can easily help those in need, most of which don’t require much more than some of your time. Read how below.

  1. Educate Yourself
    Take some time to look through the issues affecting people in poverty, especially the ones that affect your geographic region specifically. Issues such as public transportation (or lack thereof), public education, policies around contraception, and racial inequality all affect the cycle of poverty. It is very important to understand these issues before you can tackle them or educate others on the

7 Tips for Giving Back to Your Community

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Charity pick up

Poverty is a problem that America has always struggled with. In Philadelphia alone, which has the worst poverty rate of the 10 largest cities in the US, there are 440,000 people who fall under the federal line of poverty. Of that incredible number, 39% are children! So what’s the average citizen to do? Read on for some easy ways you can help.

  1. Do your research. Poverty is linked to many other issues such as education, reproductive rights, and the criminal justice system. Reading about these issues will help you educate others as well as determine where your efforts are best focused.
  2. Don’t think that just because you’re not exceedingly wealthy, it means you can’t help. There are dozens of ways to give back that don’t cost a dime.
  3. Do loo

3 Mantras For Adjustable Bed Shopping

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Adjustable mattresses

You’ve had enough. Every night, you do battle with your mattress and your melatonin levels. You lie awake in bed for over 20 minutes (which somehow makes you feel even more awake), before falling into a fitful slumber rife with uncomfortable tossing and turning. You’re not sure if the chronic back pain is being caused by uncomfortable sleep or if you can’t sleep because of back pain; at this point, you don’t care. It just needs to stop.

You have decided to buy an adjustable bed
. Your mom keeps bugging you about how great her Tempurpedic is, and if the following disclaimer you saw at Sleepy’s is any indication, they apparently work bed comfort miracles now:

“Craftmaticandreg Adjustable Beds equipped with opt