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Booking the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding Reception

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Miami wedding location

Planning a wedding? A bridal shower? Regardless of the event, location is everything. Whether you’re looking for a cheap banquet hall, or an outdoor wedding venue, your location is a huge part of the celebration. So where do you start when you’re looking for the perfect wedding venue?

First thing’s first: your venue should be booked as far in advance as possible. Party hall rentals can be expensive depending on your ideal location, so booking a ballroom or banquet hall at least one year in advance is key. Most couples spend nearly a year planning their wedding, and some even hire wedding planners to help in the search for the perfect wedding venue. In recent years, nearly half of all couples looking for

Wondering What to Look for in a New Home? All Home Buyers Should Know These 3 Essentials

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Modern tampa bay homes

Knowing how to buy a new home can be difficult, especially for first time home buyers. However, it’s also easy for repeat home buyers to get too caught up in their wishlists and miss what they really need to be looking for. Many home buyers are so focused on finding the right home that they could miss the signs of which house is really right for them. In other words, if they’re thinking too much about location, then they could miss their dream home one town over. Or if they’re obsessing over fixable items, like the flooring in a house, then they might ignore something that can’t be easily fixed, such as the square footage of the home.

Want to know what to look for in a new home? These three essentials should be on the list for every home buyer:

Curb Appeal

What is curb a

A Few Essential Points About Loft Apartments and How To Decorate Them

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Apartments in conshohocken pa

If you’re familiar at all with residential real estate, particularly lofts and apartments, you’ll know one thing for sure: people tend to be either pro-loft apartments, or vehemently anti-lofts. It’s true that there are plenty of hassles that accompany living in a loft apartment — just like with any other luxury city apartments — and renting a loft apartment isn’t the right choice for everyone.

So how exactly can you be sure that a loft apartment is the best choice for you? How do renters typically make their living spaces comfortable when they pick a loft for rent? Here are a few pointers:

  • First off, you’ll know if a l

Why a Hampton Lake Vacation Will Make Ya’ll Comeback in No Time

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Real estate for sale in bluffton sc

While everyone heads to the ocean this summer for their vacation, why not head to a different kind of beach and beat the crowd by visiting a pristine lakeside community such as Hampton Lake?

Seated in the southern most corner of South Carolina in the vibrant community of Bluffton, South Carolina. Known for being not only being a safe neighborhood but a thriving and vibrant community, the Hampton Lakeside community is the epitome of the relaxed lifestyle the South is known for. By balancing Southern charm and hospitality with a plethora of recreational opportunities, Hampton Lake vacations offer a little something for everyone.

Surrounded by 165 sprawling acres of freshwater fishing and boating wat

4 Tips For A Successful Outdoor Wedding

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Wedding banquet halls in miami

Mother Nature can be capricious, but nowadays, 35% of soon to be married couples put their trust in her for their weddings. Beaches, parks, fields, barnyards, forests–these are just a few of the outdoor wedding venues that have become popular with couples over recent years, and we think this is fantastic! Outdoor wedding venues are almost always cheaper than the average banquet hall rental, and with the overall costs of weddings skyrocketing due to additions like the cocktail hour, a little prudence isn’t going to hurt anyone. Furthermore, outdoor wedding venues offer more opportunities to be quirky and non-traditional with some aspect of the reception. Whether it’s decorations

History of Death Photos, Cremation Jewelry

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Affordable cremation urns

Over the centuries, philosophers and scientists have debated the question — what truly separates mankind from the animal kingdom? Tools, language, artwork, or just simple genetics? One explanation? Archaeology reveals that early humans and man’s ancestors have been burying their dead and practicing elaborate burial rituals since before recorded history.

And although modern cremation keepsakes such as cremation urns for ashes and cremation bracelets are a relatively recent invention, keepsakes containing a small portion of remains date back thousands of years. Some of the earliest “mourning jewelry” was made of elaborately woven human hair, fashioned into memorial nec

Stay Warm with Home Heating Oils

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Heating a home

Although fossil fuels have been a hot button issue in the U.S. for nearly two decades, their usefulness in automobiles, airplanes, ships, and homes is undisputed. Heating oils, which mostly derive from fossil fuels, are responsible for 92% of energy used in transportation. Of all the petroleum available in the U.S., more than 70% of it is used for powering cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, ships, and planes.

Fuel Oil Costs and Gas Prices.

Gas prices in the U.S. vary constantly depending on the market. 2008 saw a dramatic increase in the cost of gas, and 2012-2013 were also expensive years. Because of an increase in domestic oil production beginn

Know the Facts About Assisted Living

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Adult day care

Did you know that people who reach the age of 65 are expected to live an average of 18.5 years longer? This has jumped significantly since 1960, when those who reached aged 65 were expected to live only 4 years longer. With a rise in quality of life and our seniors living longer, there is a pronounced need for senior housing options and affordable assisted living. It is reported that nearly 7 out of 10 American citizens over the age of 65 will require long-term care.

But in this media saturated age, it’s difficult to know the truth about Continue Reading

90 Year Old American Hero Knocks Off Strange Bucket List

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Custom heartland pergolas nj

File this story under “Do NOT Try This At Home.” According to a recent survey, 77% of homeowners just use their garages and sheds for old tools and additional storage, but one 90 year old Illinois man had a very different idea.

Walter Thomas from Woodstock, Ill., only had one item on his bucket list: drive his car right through the garage door.

While that might seem like a peculiar request, Thomas says he’s been tempted to do exactly that for decades.

“Every time I back out of the garage, I think about backing through the door,” Thomas told a local news crew.

The senior citizen says the urge was like an itch he couldn’t scratch, until now. When Thomas revealed his strange bucket list idea to his grand kids, they decided to make his strange dream a reality. So when his old SUV