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FAQ What Are Amish Sheds and Furniture?

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Although Amish communities have been producing their own furniture for centuries, Amish sheds and furniture became popular in commercial markets in the 1920s. A booming interest in American folk art led to widespread interest in Amish furniture during the “Roaring 20s,” an interest which continues to this day.

Question: What is Amish Furniture?

Answer: Amish furniture is exactly what it sounds like: furniture manufactured by Amish workers, usually in Pennsylvania, Ohio, or Indiana, but also in other states throughout the U.S.

Question: I’ve also heard of Amish sheds and garages, is that

Why Summer is the Hottest Time to Give Back to Veteran Charities

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It may seem unlikely, but summer is actually the perfect time to make veterans donations to charities and organizations that help military families. While it’s true that the majority of military charities receive the bulk of their donations during the months spanning the winter holiday season, spring and summer are actually a great time to give back as well.

Here are just reasons why now is a great time to make veterans donations in order to show your support, and ways you can get involved this spri

Make a Logic Model for Your Wedding

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Love, we are told, is a battlefield–and so is the business of marriage. Brides today get maybe a day or two to show off their rings and be excited before friends and family start breathing down their necks about wedding plans. All too soon, excitement turns to anxiety, blissful breathlessness becomes panic, and the typical bride becomes buried in the dining-room-turned-wedding-headquarters, where she sets about making wedding plans for a full 7 to 12 months! What’s worse, a lot of the details must be decided fairly quickly after the engagement. For example, most wedding reception venues, whether they’re the best wedding

The Do’s and Don’ts of Donating Clothes to a Veteran Charities

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Christmas may still be a ways away, but that doesn’t mean you can’t show your appreciation and support for military families, troops, and veterans by making charitable donations to veterans charities right now. While organizations that help military families and veterans usually receive the bulk of their donations and volunteer work during the busy winter holiday season, you can find ways to give back all year long.

Now that spring is officially here, clothing donations are a perfect way to donate to veteran charities. So while you’re doing your spring cleaning, take a moment to set aside the gently used clothing that you no longer need or wear. Continue Reading

5 Choices That Can Help You Stay More Active as You Age

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If you’re considering retirement at a relatively young age, you may be a little worried about not letting yourself age prematurely. After all, if you retire in your mid-50s or 60s, you could spend as long in retired life as you did in the workforce, and you’re probably not ready to settle down for all-day bingo just yet. If you want to stay active, fit and engaged in your later life, here are five things you should consider doing:

  1. Be the Early Bird on a Regular Basis

    When you first retire, there’s nothing wrong with indulging by sleeping in for a while. But if you’re looking to stay active and make the most of post-retirement life, then it’s best to get going at a semi-reasonable hour each morning.

  2. Find Exercise That Works for You

The Case For a Backyard Wedding

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We Americans are a funny bunch. We are the richest nation in the world, and yet most of us are up to our ears in debt. It sometimes feels like debt is a milestone tradition. Most of us go into debt to attend college, and then pile on that debt to fund a wedding. Later, we go into debt to buy our first homes and take out mortgages we can’t afford, hoping that the richest nation in the world will float our normal rates for as long as it takes to imagine a new, must-have thing out of our financial reach.

College seems to be the new high school, and everyone needs somewhere to live. However the Wedding Industrial Complex is something we might want to look at more critically, especially us Millennials permanently struggling to make ends meet as we fight our biological clocks and attempt to marry somet

Three Things You May Want To Know About Your Mortgage

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A mortgage is likely to be one of the most if not the single-most significant loan you will ever have. Understanding your mortgage is key to making sure you are making the best possible financial decisions about your home loan. Here are some of the basic facts about mortgages including mortgage types. This information may come in handy when buying your home or considering options for your mortgage.

#1. What Is A Fixed Rate Mortgage?