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7 Things to Look for in Your Dream Home

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Luxury homes in scottsdale

If you are in the market to buy a new home, you know how exciting it can be to search for dream homes. Buying your dream house is a once in a lifetime experience, especially if you are a first time home buyer. It can also be overwhelming though because there are so many choices and it’s not always obvious what you should be looking for. Million dollar homes often offer a long list of amenities, but if you have never had any of them before then it can feel like an impossible choice. Two in five home buyers are purchasing a property for the first time, so if you are worried about your experience you shouldn’t be concerned because Realtors know how to help buyers navigate the world of residential real estate.


Choosing the Perfect Wedding Venue For You

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Miami ballrooms

One of the most important things to consider in wedding plans is your venue. Since about 30% of brides start planning their weddings about a year in advance and spend 7-12 months planning their wedding, you have time to scope out potential areas to hold your wedding. The appearance of wedding halls will shape your reception and the atmosphere. Do you want grand wedding halls, a simpler banquet hall, or an outdoor venue? One of the most popular wedding venues is a banquet hall.
Items to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Venue
What season do you want to have your wedding? Finding a venue that has appropriate heating or cooling systems is important. If you have an outdoor weddi

Want to Help Other Families in Your Area? Here Are Three Things You Can Do This Winter

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Children in need clothing

Winter time can be an especially difficult time for families in need, especially those who are veteran or military families. Whether one member of the family is away for active duty or home, many families find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Fortunately, these families aren’t alone thanks to the generosity of others. From affording heat for the home to buying winter clothing for the children, there are many ways communities can pitch in, helping military families and veterans in need.

If you’re looking for ways to give in your community this winter, here are some ideas for helping military families and veterans.

    1. Give food and household goods. When families find themselves struggling with household costs, this can severely limit the budget for food, cookware,

A Short Guide for Buying Window Treatments

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Furniture upholstery services

Windows are a wonderful thing to have in the home, but there’s something not quite right about them without the right window treatments. Choosing the right ones can seem pretty daunting since there are so many different window treatment ideas out there, but it’s important to understand that you really only have to consider to things when you’re shopping for window treatments: design and functionality. Here are three of the most common types of window treatments and what you need to know about them to help you make your decision.

1. Shades
There are a few common types of shades, but they all accomplish pretty much the same thing. Roller shades

Donation Solutions You Can Use to Support Veterans and the Environment

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Green charities

It’s no secret that our planet could use a little bit of TLC. Pollution is one of the most widespread causes of disease and death for humans, and it’s even begun to impact the animal kingdom, too. Land pollution is the culprit in many cases, and part of this comes from the fact that many people tend to throw away what they no longer need when they could, in fact, find other uses for discarded items.

One type of item that should be thrown away far less than it is would be clothing. Clothing and textiles account for as much as 12 to 13 million tons of trash per year, when those garments and items could be salvaged easily. Clothing, whether made from natural or synthetic fibers, is also fairly simple to recycle even if it can’t be worn again.

Besides the environment, however, there is another reason w

Replacing and Repairing Your Church’s Furniture

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Church pews and chairs

While there is nothing more awe-inspiring than an old church that has kept its wonder and luster, many churches simply have not been so lucky. Gallup estimates that 40% of Americans consider themselves highly religious. With that many people attending church weekly or bi-weekly, the furniture is bound to see some wear and tear.
Churches that have pews that are chipping and shaky and church steeples that are no longer inviting, should look into restoring their furniture. So how does it work? Read on to find out.

Decide if You Want to Replace or Repair
In the 13th century, the first pews were actually stone benches along the edges of the church. These were much less likely to need replacing or repairing than the wooden Continue Reading

Helping Families in Need Donating Clothing to Charity

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Charities that will pick up donations

Children are commonly taught that it is bad to waste food and possessions. This is undoubtedly true, but what about clothing?

Unfortunately, far too much clothing and fabric materials are thrown away in the United States without much thought — clothing and fabrics that could be used for helping families in need. About 90% of thrown-away fabrics are perfectly reusable. In fact, nearly 2.5 billion pounds — 1.25 million tons — of fabric were saved from landfills for used-clothing purposes in 2006. Still, common clothing and household fabrics such as cotton, polyester, nylon, wool, and rayon compose 5% of the total landfill content in the U.S. Though that may not seem like a significant portion, for the homeless in America, it makes all the difference.

Clothing donations for the

Five Facts About Flowers

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Essex florist

Flowers are a popular gift for a reason: beautiful, scented plants have been used to convey a variety of messages and decorate a number of different events for centuries. As a result, modern visitors to a florist shop often have no shortage of options, whether they’re choosing flowers for a wedding, choosing flowers for a funeral, or simply picking out something to display in their homes. However, there is more to most flowers than you might suspect. While they might be a largely aesthetic choice today, many types of flowers formerly held considerable religious, medicinal and cultural significance. Read on to learn some of these surprising facts about flowers!

  1. The

Three Super Simple Tricks for Sprucing Up the Outside of Your Home

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Amish cupolas

One thing that many homeowners feel every once in awhile is the itch to start making improvements and changes to the house and the property. It’s nice to give something a fresh new look, make things more attractive, and do a fun new project. When it comes to the outside of the home, it’s not always enough to keep a neatly manicured lawn. Here are a few ideas for adding interest and making updates to the outside of your home without having to make major changes and breaking the bank.

1. Landscape
One of the easiest things you can do outside of your home is to start landscaping. This might mean adding a couple of flower boxes to either side of the front door or planting a single flowering tree in the front yard. Other common landscaping projects include lining a driveway or a walkway with lo

Three Ways to Make Your Custom Luxury Home Into an Investment

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Luxury custom home designs

There are a number of benefits of having a hand in designing your own luxury home. Between getting the perfect home for you and your family’s needs and saving money, luxury custom homes can actually be designed with a sale in mind. Just because you’re designing a custom home doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to live in it forever, and you might as well make it an investment. If you think you’d eventually like to sell your custom home for any reason, or just want to make it even more valuable, here are a few things you should add to the luxury house plans.

1. A Smart Home System
One thing you should consider adding to your lu