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5 Things Not to Do When Choosing a Storage Company

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Wine storage units

There are plenty of good reasons to consider self storage units. You can reduce clutter in your home, save on rent by downsizing your regular living space, protect investments like boats and RVs or make occasional processes like moving less of a headache. But choosing a self storage company can be somewhat tricky as you’re trying to balance — as almost all people are — quality and price. Here are five common mistakes you shouldn’t make in your search:

  1. Don’t Make Decisions Based on Sample Units

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Lost a Remote? Here are Some Tips for Replacing it

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Replacement remotes

Today, Americans living in the U.S. own an estimated total of 115.9 million TVs, and the typical American household owns 2.24 television sets on average. With 97% of American households containing televisions, there’s a bigger call for replacement television remote controls than ever.

The first TV remote controls were created in 1950 by Zenith and were attached to the corresponding television set with a wire, but today’s remotes are all wireless, meaning that they get easily lost in a home. In fact, the average television watcher spends over two weeks looking for lost remotes over the course of their lifetime.

This has become an especially frustrating issue as modern devices feature fewer and fewer buttons. This sleek design feature could mean that without a remote, you may not even be able to